Sunday, August 31, 2008

Train horns and videos!

We had a fun day today. First, we went out to the campground where Mallory works and listened to the train horns. Every Labor Day a group of people comes up with real train horns installed in their RV's. We stayed at the office while Mallory took Chris to go see, and it was still SO loud! Connor wasn't terribly impressed, but I think he'll love it next year. We were in a little bit of a hurry, so they didn't get to actually take a carriage ride, but we got a picture anyway.

Then we played in the excersaucer again, and he LOVED it! He was bouncing around and hitting the toys like crazy. I got a video that I'll upload tomorrow.

I don't want to overload the blog with videos, so if you're interested then you can always subscribe to my youtube account! Click Here for my profile page. So far it's a bunch of Connor videos and some cloth diaper stuff for my cloth diapering group here online. I'll be updating it as I get new videos, so keep an eye out!

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