Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A laugh!

Saturday night I was giving Connor his bath (we only pull out the tub every other day because his skin is so sensitive, so I was just wiping him down with a wet wash cloth) and he LAUGHED! Oh it was so great. He's done the thing where he smiles and makes noise at the same time, but this was a real "hahaha" laugh! Megan heard it from the kitchen and came running to see. It was awesome.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Helping Mommy

This is our new favorite game. On laundry day, Connor helps me fold his clothes! In other words, I take the laundry basket and dump it all on top of him. I need to bring my camera with me from the start next time, because he gets SO happy when I dump them out! He grabs them up and snuggles and just laughs and laughs.

We've hit a few fun times here lately. We're slowly introducing solid foods. I know a lot of people will gasp because the new thing is to delay solids until at least 4 months, but I like to listen to him more than I listen to "Them" on certain things. He is eating a 6 oz bottle every 2 hours and wanting more. He is watching us like crazy when we eat. So I tried some bananas with a bit of rice cereal and formula, and he ate it up like crazy! I don't have a great picture of that either, but that's because he is pretty much only in the mood for it in the morning when Chris is in bed and the girls are at school. But I'm working on it!
I already started making baby food, and it's fun! Of course, ask me again in a few months and it probably won't be, but Sara is really excited to learn so I think it will be a neat project for us to do together once a month or so. He's tried banana, avacado, and apple so far. He LOVES banana, apple is ok, and avacado gained me my very first look of death. He absolutely HATED it. But I've heard that with first foods you can often try again in a few weeks with different results, so I'm not giving up yet.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Keeping up

Sorry I haven't updated! Work is really taking it out of me. My mornings are spent napping in the recliner with Connor and getting laundry done, and my evenings are spent getting as much snuggle time in as I can manage!

He is really coming around with the head control! I'm hoping to get him a Bumbo chair because I bet he'd be able to use it really soon. It's less than a week until he turns 3 months old! I just can't believe it! He's really turning into a little person and it's so amazing to watch. Chris is, of course, convinced that he's already a prodigy because he says "Hi" all the time, and everyone is always amazed at how strong he is. He loves to play in his excersaucer, and we got him a Johnny Jump-Up last week, and he loves that too! He doesn't jump in it quite yet, but he loves to be swung back and forth.

Monday, September 1, 2008

How to leave comments

My good friend Peg told me this morning that she couldn't figure out how to comment without a google account. Sometimes I take for granted that not everyone is used to blogs and how they work. So, if you don't have a google or openID account, you can still comment and this is how! Many times comments are where the real action is in blogs. Conversations are started, debates are sparked, and friends are made!

When you get to the end of a post, you will see this:
Click where it says "0 comments" Of course if there are already comments there, it will say "1 comment" or however many there are.

Once you click that, you will see the comments that have already been made, if there are any. At the bottom of the page, you will see this:

Click on "Post a Comment"

Then you will get a popup like this:

Since I'm already logged into my gmail account, it automatically gives my information. If you're not logged in, it will ask you to. If you have a gmail account, you can do that. But if you don't, just go down to the circle that says "Name/URL" and open it.

You will now see this:

Here you just enter your name and, if you have one, the address to your web page. You can even enter your myspace page if you like. The URL space is optional for anyone who doesn't have a page, or anyone who doesn't want to share.