Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Coolest Dinosaur EVER!


Just doing my part to support a Work At Home Mom, and hopefully win a dinosaur for Connor!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Camping 2010!

Our yearly camping trip was another adventure!

We got there on Tuesday afternoon (7-6-10) after a longer-than-usual drive. Our car overheated on the mountain, so we really had to nurse her up there, stopping often to cool down. By the time we got there, Connor was pretty cranky, but when we got his tricycle out he was happy again. We set up camp, did a bit of exploring and started dinner. I premade some tin foil dinners for us, made up of cubed steak, potatoes, carrots, celery, Lea & Perrens, and a bit of salt and pepper. We had some corn on the cob as well, and banana boats for dessert. Banana boats are too sweet for my taste, but they're a kid favorite. Just slice a banana legnthwise, leaving the outside peel intact. Stuff with mini marshmallows and chocolate chips, seal with peanut butter, and wrap in foil. Bury them in hot coals for about 10 minutes and eat with a spoon.

Bedtime was nice and easy, and thankfully we had enough of our normal routine for Connor to go down without any problems. The girls were in their tent, giggling long into the night. We were up with the sun, and had ziplock omelets for breakfast. (These are super easy. Break two eggs into a ziplock bag, add whatever ingredients you like, and boil for 15 minutes. They fall right out.)

We took some easy walks, fixed our natural bathtub that had been flooded and filled with sand, and watched the wildlife.Connor had tons of fun chasing butterflies and looking for birds, but walks were a bit stressful for all of us. He's still really prone to falling, so we couldn't get too many steps away from him out of fear that he'd fall in the creek. He didn't like this restriction very much. As long as he was allowed to lead, he was pretty happy though.

Wednesday was wrapped up with steaks and carrots, and of course S'mores! We tried making breadsticks over the campfire, but they were a lot of work and not anything special to eat. By Thursday morning, we were all tired and ready for a shower, so we headed home. The trip home was easier since it was downhill, but we're pretty sure we blew a head gasket. For now it looks fixable, so fingers are crossed!

This is Sara and Megan's tent
This is our tent, with my and Chris' bed on the right and Connor's bed on the left.
Connor checking out his new bed.
Our campsite: The trailer is on the far left, with our tent right next to it. Then you can see the firewood, and through those trees is a small hill that leads to the creek. To the far right is Sara and Megans tent.
Our creek
Mary Jane on her run.
Connor taking a nap right after we finished setting up camp.
Connor and his evil laugh.
The girls bright and early Wednesday morning.
Getting a drink out of the irrigation pipe that feeds our natural bathtub.
Cleaning the sand and muck out of the natural bathtub.
Connor running around the campsite.