Saturday, September 20, 2008

Helping Mommy

This is our new favorite game. On laundry day, Connor helps me fold his clothes! In other words, I take the laundry basket and dump it all on top of him. I need to bring my camera with me from the start next time, because he gets SO happy when I dump them out! He grabs them up and snuggles and just laughs and laughs.

We've hit a few fun times here lately. We're slowly introducing solid foods. I know a lot of people will gasp because the new thing is to delay solids until at least 4 months, but I like to listen to him more than I listen to "Them" on certain things. He is eating a 6 oz bottle every 2 hours and wanting more. He is watching us like crazy when we eat. So I tried some bananas with a bit of rice cereal and formula, and he ate it up like crazy! I don't have a great picture of that either, but that's because he is pretty much only in the mood for it in the morning when Chris is in bed and the girls are at school. But I'm working on it!
I already started making baby food, and it's fun! Of course, ask me again in a few months and it probably won't be, but Sara is really excited to learn so I think it will be a neat project for us to do together once a month or so. He's tried banana, avacado, and apple so far. He LOVES banana, apple is ok, and avacado gained me my very first look of death. He absolutely HATED it. But I've heard that with first foods you can often try again in a few weeks with different results, so I'm not giving up yet.


Miss Ann Thrope said...

He's so freaking cute! And growing!

The 4 month thing is old. Not new. And it was only rice cereal and then after a couple of weeks, applesauce and people would have lost their minds on you for banana and avocado being first.

We feed the kids when it seemed like the needed to be fed but I definitely followed the cereal followed by applesauce thing. I'm a semi-sheep.

BurleysGirl said...

Well, we did do rice cereal first, but he wasn't terribly impressed. He ate it, but didn't get all excited about it. I've never heard that applesauce should be next. I've heard that you should do vegetables first so that they learn to like them.

*shrug* I'm a sheep when it makes sense to me.

Miss Ann Thrope said...

I think it makes sense to start a new baby belly off with mild things not likely to upset a new baby belly.

I remember every kid not liking something. One hated green beans, All but one of them hated spinach, one hated peaches...and so on. But we always started them on rice cereal and applesauce...and I think we did carrots as a first vegetable.

None of them were picky eaters. I think that is more about the parent's likes and dislikes than anything else.